Mattress advice

Mattress advice from Betten-Michel ® differs in many ways from advice from competitors.



Find the right mattress and
sleep ergonomically healthy.

Our ergonomic sleep and lying advisors are certified by the IGR. After an initial consultation, in which any problems are clarified as wishes, we begin our “mattress test journey”. You try out where you feel comfortable and we'll see where your body lies ergonomically well. Because sleeping means bringing your body and feelings into harmony! Once we have worked with you to find the right mattress,...


The mattresses in usual
Try out the premises.

In the next step, we will deliver your selected mattress as a sample. This gives you the opportunity to test the mattress in your usual environment for a few days. Because a night is long compared to a test bed! After the trial period, you have the opportunity to order the corresponding mattress new. Unlike the “100-day return policy” method, you can be confident that you will receive a new mattress made for you and not a stock item.


Your all-round service.

In the last step, you will receive the mattress made for you. Our team will take the sample mattress and, if you wish, your old mattresses free of charge. The sample mattresses will be cleaned and disinfected for the next customer and your old mattresses will be disposed of professionally. Betten Michel ® mattresses are produced in Germany and are solvent-free!



You can also get a well-deserved sleep in camping, motorhomes, boats, etc. Individually manufactured mattresses are our specialty!

Example drawing for mattress (custom size) with zipper folding hinge ( red line).

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